Family Shelter

Family Haven is Different

Family Haven is a six-unit shelter for families experiencing homelessness in the Grand Rapids area. The shelter keeps mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters – entire families – together in clean and private housing units, with the hope of moving them to permanent housing in 30 days. ICCF believes all persons are created in God’s image and exist in the light of His love. Because of this, all families are treated with respect and dignity.

Need family shelter?

Contact the Salvation Army to be referred to Family Haven.


What Family Haven Does


Our staff comes alongside families during their stay to identify the barriers that lead to homelessness, while also helping them secure permanent housing, employment, transportation, and educational opportunities. ICCF’s team of Housing Resource Specialists also help families develop personal goals, encouraging them to identify and utilize their own strengths to achieve goals.


Families that leave Family Haven for permanent housing still have access to ICCF support. Housing Resource Specialists remain available for up to six months as they transition to more stable housing. These individuals are meant to be advocates and accountability partners, ensuring a smooth transition to stable housing.

“We treat families with dignity, respect, and integrity because those are what every person deserves as a child of God.”

– Veronica Arvizu

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