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Community Homes Land Trust

Community Homes Land Trust

The Community Homes Land Trust (CHLT) of Grand Rapids provides affordable homeownership opportunities to income-qualified families in West Michigan while ensuring the long-term affordability of these homes. Established in 2019 by ICCF, the Community Homes Land Trust is an independent, nonprofit corporation with a board of directors.

The CHLT allows income-restricted home buyers to purchase updated or new homes for a significantly reduced price. In exchange for this assistance, ICCF maintains ownership of the land, which homeowners lease for a small fee. When homeowners move, they agree to pass on the benefits they received by selling their home below market price to another income-qualified buyer.

Qualification Guidelines

  • Be a first-time homebuyer
  • Meet the Income Guidelines, included below
  • Be able to obtain a mortgage through one of ICCF’s participating lenders


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Senior Real Estate Development Manager

Available Homes to Own

Current Guidelines

CHLT Income Guidelines

Buyers must income-qualify at the time of original purchase. The income limits are based on the gross income of all adults who will be living in the household at the time of purchase, regardless of whether or not they will be on the mortgage. All income is counted, including regular employment wages, child support, alimony, social security and disability benefits. Housing debt (monthly mortgage payment, taxes, home insurance, and ground lease fee) cannot exceed 35% of the buyer’s monthly gross income.

Family Size Income Level
1 $59,670
2 $68,220
3 $76,770
4 $85,230
5 $92,070
6 $98,910
7 $105,750
8 $112,590

How to Get Qualified


Complete the Introduction to Homeownership Class

The first step toward participating in Housing Counseling and determining your eligibility for the Community Homes Land Trust is taking an Introduction to Homeownership Class.

Introduction to Homeownership Class

Submit Intake Paperwork

The primary homeowner and any co-borrower must submit completed intake paperwork to [email protected].

Intake Paperwork

Meet with a Housing Counselor

Discuss your household finances and homeownership goals with a HUD-certified housing counselor. They will advise programs, including the Community Homes Land Trust, for which you may qualify.

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