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Celebrating 50 Years of Home

A Beautiful Legacy

Equitable opportunity. Affordable homes. Thriving neighborhoods.

2024 marks the 50th Anniversary year of ICCF Community Homes. Since our founding in 1974, our methods have become more robust and sophisticated, but our mission remains unchanged: creating equitable opportunity, affordable homes, and thriving neighborhoods.

We’re humbled that so many people who were involved with ICCF in the early days are still a part of our mission. Our work is only possible through the contributions of many partners, including individuals, businesses, churches, public funding— and through God’s continued provision and protection.

Watch Us Grow

Learn how ICCF Community Homes first got started in 1974 and where we are 50 years later.

ICCF’s Earliest Volunteers

Before ICCF Community Homes became officially incorporated, before there was one paid staff member, before there was even an office, there were volunteers. The beginnings of what would become ICCF started in 1973 when an elderly woman named Mary Van Houte donated her house to Eastern Ave. Christian Reformed Church. At the same time, the congregation’s Social Concerns Committee had begun discussing ways they could alleviate the urgent housing needs in their neighborhood.

A Year of Celebration

Join us for one of our 50th anniversary celebration events in 2024, including a special Birthday Bash in June, a compelling speaking event with author Leah Rothstein, a donor appreciation night at the ballpark in August, and a variety of Lunch & Learn events.

Share Your Story

We look forward to sharing more stories of impact throughout 2024. Do you have a story to tell about ICCF’s early days? We would love to hear from you! Submit stories and photos to [email protected].

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We are filled with gratitude for God’s provision and the countless individuals who have contributed to our journey over the last 50 years. Would you join ICCF in preparing for the next 50 years of impact?


Read Stories of Hope

We've collected some incredible stories over the past 50 years, whether it be the story of a neighbor finding home, a business donating their services, volunteers renovating or home, or donors creating a legacy of generosity.

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Moments of Home

Enjoy a glimpse of the everyday moments that make up ICCF’s legacy. We are honored to have been a part of 50 years of housing stability.

The Timeline

Highlights from ICCF's History

Filled with Gratitude

What began as a humble, volunteer-driven, single-home initiative has blossomed into a multifaceted organization impacting thousands of families annually. The generous gift of a single house to a church in 1974 continues to bless our community, reinforcing the enduring truth that it only takes one person to positively influence a family tree for generations.

West Michigan is home to so many resilient individuals who strive daily for the best life for themselves and their families. The tangible resources offered by ICCF help bridge the gap between their dreams and achievable realities. We are thrilled to acknowledge and celebrate the tangible impact of ICCF’s mission evident in safe, stable, and affordable homes throughout West Michigan, with more promising developments on the horizon.

Grace and peace,

Ryan VerWys, CEO

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