Introduction to Homeownership

Introduction to Homeownership: Live Instructor

Buying a home is a big deal! ICCF Community Homes works with individuals and families to determine whether or not homeownership is an appropriate next step for them. In an effort to provide accessible education to households, ICCF Community Homes teaches the class through Zoom Webinars, In-Person Classes, and Self-Paced Modules. Each method covers the same content, it is just presented differently.

This course covers topics on:

  • Homeownership readiness
  • Credit and budgeting
  • Choosing the right home
  • Fair housing
  • Purchase and closing processes
  • And more!

Online classes are available in English and Spanish.

Registration Process

Step 1: Register and pay for class via Eventbrite

Class dates are listed under “2022 Upcoming Classes” below.

Step 2: Turn in Paperwork

Complete the Education Intake Packet via DocuSign. Please leave “Client 2” blank if you do not have a co-borrower. If you need a paper copy, please contact [email protected]

Step 3: Take the Class

Participate in the class, either by meeting in person or via zoom depending on the class date(s) you registered for. Please note you must be in attendance for both sessions to receive your certificate.

  • The Zoom Link will be sent to participants via email a few days prior to the class start date.
  • The In Person Class will be held at 400 Martin Luther King Jr St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49507 (get directions)

2022 Upcoming Classes

Please click the linked class date to be taken to Eventbrite to complete the registration process. Please note the method of instruction is listed next to the class date (i.e. if the class is in person or via zoom). If the class is over more than one day, participants must attend both sessions in the same month. Classes have limited availability and registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For the most up-to-date registration availability, please click the class date links below or visit the Eventbrite Page for ICCF.

One Day Classes | Saturday’s from 9 am to 4 pm
CLOSED – July 16, 2022 | Zoom
CLOSED – August 13, 2022 | In Person
CLOSED – 10 de septiembre | En Persona (Español)
CLOSED – October 15, 2022 | In Person
November 12, 2022 | In Person

Two Day Classes | Tuesday & Thursday from 6-9 pm
NOTE: Must attend both days of the two-day class to receive the certificate.

CLOSED – July 26 & 28, 2022 | Zoom
CLOSED – August 23 & 25, 2022 | In Person
CLOSED – September 20 & 22, 2022 | In Person
October 25 & 27, 2022 | Zoom
December 6 & 8, 2022 | Zoom


Unable to attend the scheduled class times? ICCF offers a self-paced Introduction to Homeownership Class through Framework that can be completed on your own schedule.

Non-Discrimination Policy Statement: ICCF Community Homes supports and promotes fair and equal access for all people in the delivery of housing education and housing counseling services, and access to housing. No person shall be denied services or housing on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental disabilities, national origin, age, height, weight, familial status or marital status.

Additional Information

  • The registration fee is $20 per person; $5 for one additional household member.
  • No Refunds. All class registrations and fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  • Fees may be waived with proof of hardship.
  • Participants who are more than 20 minutes late OR miss one part of a two-part class will not be awarded certification and must register for the next available class and pay the full fees.
  • Course certificate satisfies requirements for MSHDA Home Loan Program, Housing Choice Voucher, and Habitat for Humanity education.
  • Registration closes 48 hours before the first session and/or when at capacity.
  • The Zoom Course is accessible via laptop and desktop.
  • Translation and interpretation services are available.
  • Please contact [email protected] or 616-336-9333 x 300 prior to registration if you are currently participating in Family Self-Sufficiency Program, Habitat for Humanity, or hold a Housing Choice Voucher.

2022 Past Classes

January 8, 2022 | In Person
January 25 & 27 | Zoom
12 de febrero | En Persona
February 22 & 24, 2022 | In Person
March 12, 2022 | In Person
March 22 & 24, 2022 | Zoom
April 9, 2022 | Zoom
April 19 & 21, 2022 | In Person
May 14, 2022 | In Person
May 24 & 26, 2022 | Zoom
June 11, 2022 | Zoom
June 21 & 23, 2022 | In Person

2021 Past Classes

March 23 & 24: Zoom from 6pm – 9pm, both nights, Tuesday & Wednesday.
April 17 & 24: Zoom from 9am – 12pm, both Saturday mornings.
May 18 & 19: Zoom from 6pm – 9pm, both nights, Tuesday & Wednesday.
June 5 & 12: Zoom from 9am – 12pm, both Saturday mornings.
July 20 & 21: Zoom from 6pm – 9pm, both nights, Tuesday & Wednesday.
August 14 & 21: Zoom from 9am – 12pm, both Saturday mornings.
September 14 & 16: In Person from 6pm to 9pm both nights, Tuesday and Thursday.
October 16: Zoom from 9am to 4pm, Saturday.
November 9 & 11: In Person from 6pm to 9pm both nights, Tuesday and Thursday.


Live Zoom Webinar: The link will be emailed to participants a few days prior to the first class time.
In Person Class: Class will be held at 400 Franklin St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49507 (get directions).


$20 per person; $5 for one additional household member


Please contact [email protected] or 616-336-9333 x 300. Translation services are available.

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