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Find recent stories from ICCF Community Homes on our path towards housing justice.

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The Wimbush Family

“We’ve lived here since last July. We have three children and all three live with us. When the housing market crashed and the recession took place, I couldn’t find a job,” shared the Wimbush family. Watch their story below to learn more about how they found safe, affordable housing.  

Read Post Jun 09, 2020
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Candice’s Story

“We lived in a trailer park,” says Candice. “It was the quickest way to get into our own place. But the plan was eventually to buy a home. And that didn’t really happen. My husband got laid off from his job.” Read more of Candice’s family story and their journey to find safe housing in […]

Read Post Oct 09, 2019
Video Stories

Bryan’s Story

“Anybody at any time can be homeless,” says Bryan. “I don’t care who you are. You can be homeless in a day.” Hear more of Bryan’s personal experiences and how he was able to find safe, affordable housing in the video below.  

Read Post Sep 09, 2019
Video Stories

The VanLente Family’s Story

“The boys love it here. I hope for me and my family that we can grow here, in community, involved in the neighborhood,” shared Robin. Listen to more of her family’s story below.  

Read Post Nov 09, 2018
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