Join the #my25movement

Join a community effort to make big change with $25 gifts, providing affordable housing to families in Grand Rapids.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

There is an affordable housing crisis in Grand Rapids. It’s a complex and overwhelming problem, but we are not without hope. We believe that small gifts by a collective group have a big impact. When you give a $25 gift, you join this community of people who dare to take action and combine forces to make a difference. Together, we can preserve affordable housing for families in our community.

For over 45 years, ICCF has provided housing solutions and related services to families in  need of affordable housing. It is through the passionate investment of many individuals that we have seen lasting growth and change through our work.

A gift of $25 may not seem like much in the face of such an enormous crisis, but when many people give together it has power. With many helping hands, we are able to create places to come home to for families in our community.

Be Part of a Big Solution


Two families moving from homelessness to permanent housing while staying at Family Haven ($10,000).


Down payment assistance for 8 families to purchase their own home through ICCF’s matched savings program (IDA) ($25,000).


Renovation of three of our single family affordable rentals ($75,000).

The average rent on a 1-bedroom apartment in March 2019 was $1,022. If you make minimum wage in Michigan, that’s about 63% of your pre-tax income. Bottom line: not sustainable.

Sickness. Laid off from work. Losing a family member. Our shelter Family Haven serves 36 families a year as a refuge with resources to recover after a crisis.

In our hot housing market, rent costs are skyrocketing and wages struggle to keep up. Currently 439 units of affordable rental properties are owned and leased by ICCF to local families.

As a result of our ICCF-matched savings accounts, 24 people have achieved homeownership in 2018!

Become an Everyday Hero Fundraiser

Joining the movement is easy! We invite you to join us as a peer to peer fundraiser for our Small Gift, Big Impact campaign. Check out these examples from Ben and Alaina to see how you can become an Everyday Hero and get your friends & family involved in the #my25movement.

Join the #my25movement

Join a community effort to make big change with $25 gifts, providing affordable housing to families in Grand Rapids.

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