Resident Engagement

Resident Engagement utilizes a comprehensive approach designed to move residents through a
continuum of supports, addressing barriers to housing, education, and employment. Our mission
is to ensure that every resident regardless of socioeconomic status or race reach their personal
goals. We do this by fostering awareness and preparation for our residents through our E-5
Strategy. This strategy allows us to create pathways for thriving individuals and neighborhoods.
Utilizing ICCF programs and partnerships, we believe that people can rise above the barriers that
exist and achieve the outcomes they desire.


Our engagement with residents is centered on four convictions:

  • Everyone has potential
  • Personal growth provides options for personal change
  • Mental models determine how you navigate your surroundings
  • Everyone should have access to homeownership as a way to build generational wealth

If you’re a current resident and would like to be connected to our Resident Engagement team, please give us a call.

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