We are excited to share a new name and brand identity with you! After months of exploring a rebrand and talking with our neighbors, partners, staff members, and volunteers, we are delighted to unveil a brand identity that better describes our vision for thriving neighborhoods.

Our new name retains the well-known acronym ICCF and adds the “community homes” qualifier to clarify what kind of services we provide. Our new logo is inspired by a birds-eye view of the street intersections around our office at 415 Franklin St SE. It reminds us of the importance of proximity, community, and neighbors to the work of housing equity.

We are grateful for over four decades of impact in West Michigan thanks to God’s provision through the generosity of our partners and the tenacity of the neighbors we serve. We pray that this new brand identity positions us well for the next four decades of service!

“The words ‘community homes’ are an identifier of both who we are and what we stand for. ‘Community’ is a unified body of individuals; it conveys joint ownership and participation. And ‘homes’ describes the core of what we do. More than simply a building, a home is one’s place of residence, a familiar setting, a place of origin. We are in the business of creating community homes in West Michigan.”

CEO Ryan VerWys

Thank you for your support of ICCF and our mission:

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