Non Cash Assets

Giving Real Estate and Other Non-Cash Assets

Most of us have only about 10% of wealth in the form of cash. The remaining 90% consists of non-cash assets such as real estate, stocks and bonds, tangible personal property, business interests and life insurance.

If you own real estate other than the home in which you live, particularly if it has increased in value since you purchased it, consider giving this particular portion of your estate as the most cost-effective gift you could ever give.

If you own residential real estate in the Grand Rapids area and are considering gifting your property to ICCF, call or email Hank Kroondyk to start a conversation.

Regarding non-cash assets, you may be able to gain significant tax benefits and dramatically increase the potential impact of your gift by giving the non-cash assets themselves, rather than selling the asset in order to give away some or all of the proceeds.

Barnabas Foundation, ICCF’s philanthropic partner, is experienced and trustworthy in handling the details of non-cash gifts. Barnabas Foundation’s goal is to help caring Christians make tax-wise decisions that strengthen their support for ministries close to their hearts.

To learn more about giving non-cash assets, contact:

Hank Kroondyk
ICCF Planned Giving Specialist

616-336-9333 x 403
[email protected]

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