Designating Planned Gifts

Designating Your Gift for a Specific Aspect of ICCF’s Mission

Most donors instruct ICCF to put their estate gift to use where it is most needed. However, donors who have been engaged in or particularly drawn to one of ICCF’s program areas may desire to designate their gift to be used in the area of their greatest interest or concern. ICCF welcomes planned gifts designated to specific aspects of our multifaceted mission, such as:

Family homes for rent and for sale

Family Haven Emergency Shelter

Education for tenants and future homeowners

Affordable apartments

Equitable Opportunity, Affordable Homes, Thriving Neighborhoods

—ICCF mission statement

ICCF also welcomes estate gifts designated to the Jeremiah Fund which holds ICCF’s endowment assets. ICCF’s Jeremiah Fund consists of four component funds designed to ensure this ministry’s long-term mission-focused impact.

Component funds of ICCF’s Jeremiah Fund include:

  • Capacity Enhancement Fund – assured resources for future mission-focused operating requirements
  • Empowerment Opportunities Fund – resources to initiate new programs as needs change, temporarily sustain critical programing while other sources of support fluctuate, or commit ICCF funds when required to achieve matching funding
  • Revolving Housing Capital Fund – ICCF’s source for revolving working capital for housing developments during planning and construction phases
  • Repair and Replacement Fund – resources set aside to purchase and maintain vehicles, equipment and other necessary capital assets

ICCF will gratefully receive virtually all cash gifts and gifts of non-cash assets (stocks, real estate, life insurance, tangible personal property, etc.). However, ICCF may not be able to accept bequests or other gifts that are overly restrictive in their purpose or where the donor’s charitable intent is not in accord with ICCF’s stated mission and goals. 

To Learn More about Designating Planned Gifts, Contact

Hank Kroondyk
ICCF Planned Giving Specialist

616-336-9333 x 403
[email protected]

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