Designating Planned Gifts

Designating Your Gift for a Specific Aspect of ICCF’s Mission

Most donors instruct ICCF to simply put their gift to use where it is most needed. But, planned gifts can be designated for a specific aspect of ICCF’s mission, or given in memory of or in honor of a family member or friend, as well.

ICCF also welcomes estate gifts which are designated for one of the four component funds within our Jeremiah Fund. This Jeremiah Fund holds ICCF’s endowment assets dedicated to ensuring mission-focused impact for the long haul.

Component funds of ICCF’s Jeremiah Fund include:

  • Capacity Enhancement Fund – assured resources for future mission-focused operating requirements
  • Empowerment Opportunities Fund – resources to initiate new programs as needs change, temporarily sustain critical programing while other sources of support fluctuate, or commit ICCF funds when required to achieve matching funding
  • Revolving Housing Capital Fund – ICCF’s source for revolving working capital for housing developments during planning and construction phases
  • Repair and Replacement Fund – resources set aside to purchase and maintain vehicles, equipment and other necessary capital assets

Your planned gift will help ICCF keep its multifaceted mission vibrant for the years to come.

Family homes for rent and for sale

Family Haven Emergency Shelter

Intro to Homeownership class

Affordable apartments

Equitable Opportunity
Affordable Homes
Thriving Neighborhoods

—ICCF mission statement

To Learn More about ICCF’s Jeremiah Fund, Contact

Hank Kroondyk
ICCF Planned Giving Specialist

616-336-9333 x 403

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