Jeannica Garmon became a time-management pro by running two businesses while working a full-time job. She said pursuing her passions alongside family makes the nonstop work worthwhile.

When Garmon was a kid, her dad, the late Robert Karim Sr., started out on the assembly line at Cascade Engineering and worked his way up to engineer.

Her mom, Jessica Karim-Gentry, worked for Amway and earned an associate degree, bachelor’s degree and an MBA. She currently is working on a doctorate in business administration.

Garmon learned from her parents that longevity with a company won’t protect you from layoffs.

After decades at their respective companies, both of her parents were let go in downsizes.

“I always thought if you stay at a job forever, they’ll never let you go,” Garmon said. “Well, that wasn’t true. I was like, ‘Whoa, that’s stability,’ and it wasn’t.”