Housing Information

Not Mortgage Ready?

There is a right time to buy a home and we understand that. At ICCF, we’ll help you reach the point where you can be confident knowing that purchasing a home will be right for you.

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Home Ownership Benefits

What are the benefits of home ownership? This is a great market for homebuyers. The combination of tax credits, down payment assistance, low interest rates and home values make this a great time to purchase a home.

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Home Features

What’s an ICCF home like? It’s an investment. At ICCF, we believe people are a good investment and that loving others is worth the effort. So, you won’t see us taking shortcuts or using cookie-cutter construction.

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ICCF and LEED Certification

To protect it and to reduce our carbon footprint on the world, we build homes that are environmentally-friendly. Not only does this benefit the planet, it also benefits our residents.

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