Homeownership Opportunities

ICCF Community Homes provides homeownership opportunities for income-eligible households by building or renovating single family homes and townhomes. We strive to offer affordable, efficient, and beautiful homes that complement the existing fabric of a community.

The first step in purchasing an ICCF home is to connect with our Housing and Family Services department. For information on the home-buying process and first-time homebuyer training, please click here.

Is Homeownership Right for You?

Buying a home is a life-changing decision.

ICCF Community Homes works with individuals and families to determine whether or not home ownership is an appropriate next step for them. Team members help potential buyers understand the responsibility of home ownership and discuss any obstacles that may prevent them from purchasing a home. They then work with these individuals to address and overcome those obstacles to ensure homeownership success for the long haul. Find out more about our education classes that help you become a homeowner.

Single Family: New Construction

ICCF Community Homes builds high quality, efficient, and affordable homes within existing neighborhoods.

Single Family: Rehab

ICCF Community Homes transforms existing houses that are vacant and dilapidated into beautiful, efficient, and safe places for families.


ICCF Community Homes builds townhomes within existing neighborhoods to effectively increase density and diversity.

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