The Bethel Christian Services partner deals with employing, housing, and even furnishing some housing for Grand Rapids youth.

One of five community partnerships located in one building, Bethany Christian Services is known nationally for its foster youth and immigration programming. Here in GR some of those same services are extended to a range of youth in need.

“We mainly get youth ageing out of foster care with nowhere to go, but its really just homeless youth. We set you up with a job, a place, and all the necessities in between. We are here to fill the need, but again its preparing them to start living life on their own,” said Bethany’s Youth program director, Patrick Johnson.

Youth Build is a national organization with over 200 locations nationwide and Grand Rapids school works with Bethany Christian Services Youth through an Inner City Christian Federation partnership to help some students work on the buildings they will eventually get to stay in.

“Some youth go into ICCF property that’s being rehabilitated and get a construction certificate for putting in dry wall and get the houses ready for low income living long term. So we’ve seen some youth move into the buildings they’ve actually worked on and that is ultimately our goal,” said the center for community transformations program director, Tiffany Clarke.

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