Greg and Linda Storey began volunteering at Family Haven in 1995 as a young couple with two children, Scott (5) and Brittany (3). 20+ years later, the Storey family has returned to a regular volunteer commitment at Family Haven – but now they include their church family as well.

“Back then, we saw young homeless families with children the same age as ours and wanted to help,”says Linda.“We visited Family Haven weekly to do crafts and play with the kids. Pretty quickly, these families became part of our lives. We shared the sorrow of an immigrant family as their young son died of cancer. We also shared the joys of life together like celebrating birthdays, swimming in the summer and numerous playdoh dates.”

storey familyFor the past year and a half, Greg and Linda, with Scott and Brittany now in their mid-20’s, and with the help of dozens of others from St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church, have made Saturday morning breakfast once a month, bringing joy to Family Haven families by sharing a meal, chatting, and playing with kids.

“It has been special to bring new people to Family Haven and watch as new connections are made,” says Greg. “Our church’s involvement at Family Haven includes people of all ages. As a result of hearing about Family Haven at church, the third grade Church School class decided to give up candy for Advent and save their money for Family Haven. This past month, Scott and Brittany went to Family Haven with the Young Adult Group to make breakfast and donated the money from the third grade class.”

Greg and Linda were drawn back to Family Haven because of the relationships they’ve built with the people there. “Our faith directs us to share our wealth and do works of mercy as a necessary part of our responsibility to others and for our own spiritual formation,” says Greg. “Family Haven offers a wonderful opportunity to do these things.”

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