719 Fuller

The house at 719 Fuller needs $35,000 worth of renovations to become a safe, beautiful, and affordable home for a family in our community.

When this home was first built in 1924, it was a spacious and light-filled house. Lined with windows and featuring a cozy fireplace, it was home to numerous families throughout the years. But in recent years, it has fallen into disrepair and was then damaged by a small house fire next door.

ICCF purchased the home as part of the Community Homes Initiative portfolio in November, 2017, and has already completed work such as adding new insulation, replacement of glass block, updated gutters, and a new roof. Now, we’re asking for your help to bring the renovation to completion!

This #GivingTuesday, we need your help to raise $35,000 to cover the cost of repairs on 719 Fuller.

Any donation made today will go towards the Fuller House to Home campaign. Thank you!

$35,000 in renovations, including…

  • Electric work ($5,000)

  • Exterior doors ($1,500)

  • Exterior painting ($6,000)

  • Finish porch ($2,500)

  • Fixtures and final details ($3,000)

  • Flooring ($6,000)

  • Interior painting ($3,000)

  • Tree clearing and landscaping ($2,000)

  • Plumbing ($4,000)

  • Repair eaves, soffit fascia, siding ($1,000)

  • Repair joists ($1,000)

Help us SPREAD THE WORD this #GivingTuesday!


Thank you for supporting ICCF’s Fuller House to Home #GivingTuesday campaign! Below are a few ideas to help you spread the word with your friends and family.

1. Follow us. Make sure you’re following ICCF on our social platforms: Facebook and Instagram. Share our posts with your sphere of influence.

2. Post messages, photos, video, and more from our #GivingTuesday toolkit to your own personal social platforms. Below are a few messages to get you started. Feel free to tweak, change, or completely redo! Make these messages your own.

  • It’s #GivingTuesday! Today I’m giving back by supporting [tag ICCF] and their work to transform 719 Fuller into an affordable home. Check out their Facebook page to learn more!
  • My friends at [tag ICCF] are raising money this #GivingTuesday to transform 719 Fuller into an affordable home. Please consider supporting them! You can learn more at this link: https://iccf.org/719-fuller/
  • How can you give back on #GivingTuesday? Here’s one way: [tag ICCF] hopes to raise $35,000 today to fund the renovation and repair of 719 Fuller and to transform it into an affordable home. Will you join me and donate?
  • I just donated to [tag ICCF]’s #GivingTuesday campaign because [insert why ICCF is special to you]. Please consider supporting them today with a financial gift! Every bit counts.  
  • Here are a few tangible renovations and repairs that need to be completed on 719 Fuller… and the costs associated with them. These need to be made before a family can call this house a home. Will you help [tag ICCF] on this #GivingTuesday?
    • Accompany this post with price tag images.

3. #UNselfie. Take a “selfie” with a caption or use ours to explain how or why you’re giving. Add the hashtags #UNselfie and #GivingTuesday. Post it to your social channels.

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