May 2, 2024

Letter from the CEO – Spring 2024

Dear Friends, 

As we celebrate ICCF Community Homes’ 50th anniversary, one of the greatest joys has been sharing stories “from the vault.” Sharing stories like Tina’s, featured in this edition of Blueprints, reminds us of God’s faithfulness throughout the decades.

Tina’s journey with ICCF began over 20 years ago. The affordable home she leased, and now owns, has shaped her life and her son’s. It provides him with a stable place to stay while saving for his own future. But for Tina, the impact goes beyond the house. She emphasizes the importance of ICCF’s educational resources which helped her become a successful homeowner.

Finding affordable housing in West Michigan can be challenging, but stories like Tina’s foster hope. As she says, ICCF serves as an example for the next generation, demonstrating that with faith and hard work, change is possible, and even deferred dreams of homeownership can be realized.

Here, you’ll find an update on Tapestry Square (originally Wealthy Jefferson Initiative). This project has morphed and grown over time based on available resources, new opportunities, and the needs of our city. The Southgate, which opened last year, offers a vibrant community for seniors near downtown Grand Rapids, fostering a sense of belonging. Thanks to the servant leaders who over the years discerned God’s vision for that area, a once-blighted block has been transformed into a beautiful, walkable neighborhood with attainable homes and businesses.

ICCF’s history will continue to shape our future. We stand committed today, as we were back then, to follow God’s lead in the pursuit of equitable opportunity, affordable homes, and thriving neighborhood.

Grace and peace,

Ryan VerWys, CEO

ICCF Community Homes

ICCF Community Homes is the oldest non-profit affordable housing provider in the state of Michigan. Active in the Grand Rapids area since 1974, ICCF serves over 2,000 households a year through its programs and services. Program offerings include Family Haven emergency shelter, over 700 units of affordable rental housing, newly constructed homes for purchase, homeownership education and financial counseling.

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